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Owner, Ryan Robertson, spent 20+ years in the restaurant industry. He was everything from a Pizza Delivery Driver to an Area Supervisor. Eventually, the love for the restaurants subsided. He was working for a local company in Allen, TX.  A couple of distinguished gentlemen began to come into his restaurant daily. At about the same time, his wife began looking for other career opportunities. She brought a roofing company option to him, but he didn’t think it would be for him. Meanwhile, these two gentlemen continued to come into his restaurant daily. One day he decided to dig into what their business was. Low and behold, it was the roofing industry. They were building a new company and were looking for energetic individuals who wanted to try something different.


Freddy Murphy began selling Ryan on the roofing industry. It all sounded too good to be true. Schedule freedom, more time for his family, financial stability, and fun, had to be impossible right! It wasn’t! Freddy took Ryan under his wing and taught him the ins and outs of the business. Ryan was in love with this new business! He excelled at it! He spent three years with that company and then joined another company to further his education of the business. That brings us to the current day! 


Ryan had another friend, Buddy Hull in the industry who had for 2 years to try to convince him to open his own. The time had come. Ryan began coming up with creative names. He settled on ARCTX due to one of the definitions of arc:  a continuous progression or line of development. This has been what Ryan’s life has been about. A continuous progression of developing into the son, husband, and father that he himself can be proud of. So there it is the ARCTX origin story!  This is where we began and the path ahead is as bright as our logo!

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